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Ninja warrior: the ultimate challenge - Download and compete with other players in the most realistic ninja simulator

Ninja Warrior Download: How to Play the Ultimate Ninja Fighting Game on Your Device


If you are a fan of action-packed games that combine elements of adventure, combat, and stealth, you might want to try Ninja Warrior. Ninja Warrior is a popular game series that originated from an arcade game in 1987 and has since spawned several versions for various platforms. The game lets you play as a ninja android who has to fight against various enemies and obstacles in order to overthrow a tyrant ruler.

Ninja Warrior is a game that offers many features and benefits for players who enjoy thrilling and challenging gameplay. You can choose from different ninja characters with unique skills and weapons, use various moves and attacks to defeat enemies and bosses, collect diamonds and gold to upgrade your ninja power, and explore different levels and environments with realistic graphics and sounds. You can also test your skills and strategy in stealth mode, where you have to sneak past enemies undetected.

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If you are interested in playing Ninja Warrior on your device, you might be wondering how you can download and play it. Fortunately, there are several options available for you depending on your device type and preference. In this article, we will show you how you can download and play Ninja Warrior on your device using different methods. We will also give you some tips and tricks on how to master the game's obstacles and challenges.

Ninja Warrior Game Features

Choose Your Ninja Character

One of the first things you need to do when you start playing Ninja Warrior is to choose your ninja character. You can select from three different ninja androids, each with their own attributes and abilities. The three ninja androids are:

  • Ninja: A slow but powerful character armed with a nunchaku. He has high strength and defense but low speed and agility.

  • Kamaitachi: A quick but weak character with sickles on his arms. He has high speed and agility but low strength and defense.

  • Kunoichi: A balanced character who wields knives She has medium strength, defense, speed, and agility. She can also use a grappling hook to swing across gaps.

You can switch between the ninja androids at any time during the game by pressing the select button. You can also customize your ninja android's appearance and color by accessing the options menu. Choosing the right ninja android for each level and situation is crucial for your success in the game.

Fight Against Various Enemies

As you progress through the game, you will encounter various enemies and bosses that will try to stop you from reaching your goal. You will have to use different moves and attacks to defeat them and clear the way. Some of the moves and attacks you can use are:

  • Jump: Press the A button to jump over obstacles and enemies. You can also jump off walls and ceilings by pressing the A button again while touching them.

  • Attack: Press the B button to attack with your weapon. You can also perform combos by pressing the B button repeatedly or in different directions.

  • Special Attack: Press the A and B buttons together to unleash a powerful special attack that consumes some of your energy bar. Each ninja android has a different special attack that can deal massive damage to enemies and bosses.

  • Dodge: Press the L or R button to dodge enemy attacks and projectiles. You can also dodge in mid-air by pressing the L or R button while jumping.

You will also have to face different types of enemies and bosses, each with their own behavior and attack patterns. Some of the enemies and bosses you will encounter are:

  • Soldiers: The most common enemies in the game. They are armed with guns, swords, or grenades and will try to shoot, slash, or throw explosives at you.

  • Ninjas: The elite enemies in the game. They are faster and more agile than soldiers and will use various ninja weapons and techniques to attack you, such as shurikens, smoke bombs, or clones.

  • Robots: The mechanical enemies in the game. They are stronger and more durable than soldiers and ninjas and will use lasers, rockets, or saw blades to attack you.

  • Bosses: The final enemies in each level. They are much larger and more powerful than regular enemies and will require more strategy and skill to defeat. Some of the bosses you will face are a giant spider robot, a flying fortress, and a cyborg samurai.

Collect Diamonds and Gold

As you play through the game, you will also find diamonds and gold scattered throughout the levels. Diamonds are blue gems that increase your score and gold are yellow coins that increase your currency. You can use your currency to upgrade your ninja power at the end of each level. Upgrading your ninja power will increase your health, energy, strength, defense, speed, and agility. You can also buy extra lives, continues, or weapons with your currency.

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Ninja Warrior Game Tips and Tricks

Master the Warped Wall

One of the most iconic obstacles in Ninja Warrior is the warped wall. It is a curved wall that you have to run up and grab the edge of in order to advance to the next level. It may seem impossible at first, but with some practice and technique, you can master it easily. Here are some tips on how to conquer the warped wall:

  • Start from a distance: Don't run towards the wall from too close or too far away. Find a comfortable distance that gives you enough momentum and speed to reach the top of the wall.

  • Run fast: Don't slow down or hesitate as you approach the wall. Run as fast as you can and maintain your speed until you hit the wall.

  • Lean forward: Don't lean back or stand upright as you hit the wall. Lean forward slightly and keep your body close to the wall as you run up it.

  • Jump high: Don't jump too early or too late as you reach the end of the wall. Jump at the right moment when you feel your feet leaving the wall and aim for the edge with your hands.

  • Pull yourself up: Don't let go or slide down once you grab the edge of the wall. Pull yourself up quickly using your arms and legs and climb over to the next level.

Climb the Rope Fast

Another common obstacle in Ninja Warrior is the rope climb. It is a vertical rope that you have to climb up to reach the next level. It may seem simple, but it can be exhausting and time-consuming if you don't use the right technique. Here are some tips on how to climb the rope fast:

  • Use your legs: Don't rely on your arms alone to pull yourself up the rope. Use your legs to wrap around the rope and push yourself up with your feet.

  • Use a J-hook: Don't wrap your legs around the rope in a circular motion. Use a J-hook technique, where you hook your dominant foot over the rope and lock it with your other foot.

  • Use a S-wrap: If you find the J-hook too difficult or uncomfortable, you can use a S-wrap technique, where you wrap both of your legs around the rope in an S-shape and squeeze it with your feet.

  • Use short pulls: Don't pull yourself up the rope with long and slow movements. Use short and fast pulls with your arms and legs to climb up the rope quickly.

  • Use momentum: Don't stop or rest on the rope unless you have to. Use your momentum and rhythm to keep moving up the rope without losing speed or energy.

Use Stealth Mode

Sometimes, the best way to overcome an obstacle or an enemy is to avoid it altogether. That's where stealth mode comes in handy. Stealth mode is a feature that allows you to sneak past enemies undetected and avoid obstacles that might trigger alarms or traps. Here are some tips on how to use stealth mode effectively:

  • Use shadows: Don't expose yourself to bright lights or open spaces. Use shadows and dark areas to hide yourself from enemies and cameras.

Use cover: Don't run or walk in plain sight. Use cover objects such as crates, barrels,


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