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How to Install Suspects: Mystery Mansion APK with MOD Menu and Easy Game Features

You are a famous detective. One day you are invited to solve a murder mystery at the mansion. Before your eyes are many strange characters. You must use your masterful judgment and observation to find the real culprit hiding behind that cheerful face.

mod menu) Suspects Mystery Mansion Cheats Free Gems Codes Hack unlock all characters no survey! Click the red button to get the mutant and restart the game. Unless you want to spend gold to keep all your money and room, you still get all the mutants. Each mutant is worth 5% of the bonus. You can also unlock the new upgrades that the mutant can buy. Scroll right to see the new cities you can buy. The room is the same, but the income of each room is different - the income of the next room is higher. This means that when you buy a new city, the room allowance still applies - there is no requirement for each city to buy a new room allowance. suspects: mystery mansion mod apk unlimited money and gems

suspects mystery mansion mod menu apk

From Wildlife Studios, this game lets you enjoy and solve a murder mystery at a mansion. Here there are 3 roles the players can take which are the Guest, Detective and Assassin. There can be 9 players on a match and you can play with real ones all over the world. You will have respective tasks depending on your role and then you can also chat with others and discuss the situation at hand. Enjoy a new type of mystery game today with real people! 2b4c41e320


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